Liviu Cojoc

Over 30 years of experience in the trade of chemical and agricultural-food products.

Founding associate and Chairman of the “Dafcochim” group of companies, created in 1994, which operates on the market of chemical products for industry and agriculture and has a business of over EUR 65 million.

Associate of several agricultural exploitation companies with vegetal profile in the center of Transylvania, which are in a strong development, which own drying equipment and silos and state-of-the-art grain warehouses.

Involved in a number of other businesses, from trade in consumer products to real estate developments and charitable activities.

The experience in collaborating with Oltchim and Chimcomplex plants or other large chemical plants in Europe or Asia, gives him an undeniable expertise in terms of trade in general and in chemicals in particular, including a very good knowledge of the market of these products, of the development prospects and of the players involved.

Mr. Cojoc has been a independent member of the Board of Directors of Chimcomplex S.A. Borzești since 2018.