We focus on research on improving existing processes and products, to reduce operating costs, but also on developing fundamentally new processes and products that can improve the company’s competitiveness on the market in the long term.

Innovation means people who get involved, who think and transform processes, and everything starts with passion and talent.

We’ve been recycling chemicals for many years now. Annually we recycle over 1,000 tons of hydrochloric acid. We continue our investments in new technologies that will increase the C02 mass that we will capture and reprocess into 12 finished products, from 6 manufacturing lines.

Innovation projects and the flexibility of the development teams are the company’s strengths, this is why our products are exported and used in over 43 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We capture and reprocess over 50,000 tons of C02 year after year. Chimcomplex absorbs CO2 emitted by other industries and uses it in chemical processes alongside hydrogen.

Together with our employees

Through modern training programs our employees have the opportunity to update their professional certificates and qualifications, but also to acquire new leadership, communication, organizing and coordination, motivation and engagement skills.
At Chimcomplex we pay attention to our values and adhere to national legislation and rules of conduct adopted by national and international bodies.
We want to make sure that every colleague works safely and gets home healthy from work.


Chimcomplex complies with the requirements of health and safety regulations in production. The company regularly conducts safety risk assessment and management, strengthens the control system for emergency management and runs campaigns to raise awareness of our employees on the importance of safety and security measures to prevent all types of accidents.

Safety, our priority, is not negotiable, so we hope to keep the number of injured, both at work and in our free time, to zero throughout this year. Our goal is to provide a safe working environment for every employee.


Our CSR projects are conducted mainly on the following pillars: environmental protection, culture, education and employee safety. We plant trees, support educational initiatives and culture events, run safety programs for our colleagues.

We have a responsibility in terms of disinfection and also chlorination of drinking and pool waters. We have taken great care during this Covid-19 pandemic to distribute our products nationally and internationally and to encourage disinfection.


We want to live in a clean environment that we can pass on in good conditions to our children and grandchildren.

We add value to the Romanian natural resources for a better life, being extremely attentive to the impact we have on the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint is one of the main goals of our development strategy.