We are a strong pillar in Romania’s economy

In 2021 we will continue the ongoing investments and will elaborate the development strategy to include the new investments for the next period.

The investment program of Râmnicu Vâlcea Branch for 2021 is 16.6 mil. euro. The total value of the investments provided on the Borzesti platform is about 7.4 mil. euro and aims at the construction/arrangement of new facilities for the diversification of the product range and capacity expansions, as well as other investments for the modernization and maintenance of current production capacities.

What awaits us in 2030?

We believe that responsible action in the name of sustainability will be the key that opens up the future. Companies need to review their processes so that we all ensure minimal impact on the future.

The ongoing monitoring of our energy and carbon reduction plans aims to guarantee the operational excellence of our processes, which is fundamental to progress towards the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and total elimination by 2050.

The engine of success is innovation

We are pioneers in many of our actions and we will never stop looking for the best solution for the needs of our customers and Romania.

We have proven that we are committed to our mission by adapting quickly to the conditions generated by the pandemic. At the early signs of the appearance of the virus in Romania, we increased the production capacity and launched a new biocidal product “ready to use”, sodium hypochlorite 1.25% solution. The product is authorized as a biocide and has a disinfectant and virucidal action, including against the new Coronavirus. Thus, we aim to always be on alert and continue to innovate by creating products that our customers need.