We grow sustainably through innovation

We have a strategy for steady and sustainable growth.

We have a well-trained workforce and, together, the specialists on our platforms have done an exemplary job to bring us one step ahead of the regional market. The integration of both our platforms has brought improvement of our services: securing the supply chain, developing new products, more efficient processes.

We are currently exploring technological and investment alternatives that will allow us to make sustainable progress and ensure the energy transition through green hydrogen use and storage technology or carbon capture and use.

We engage with our employees

We rely on over 1500 professionals. We invest in our teams to build together the largest projects in the chemical industry in Romania.

Chimcomplex employees benefit from a professional workplace, fair labor relations, objective appreciation of performance, safety and security.

Health and safety are our priority

Our goal is to provide a safe working environment for every employee.

Chimcomplex complies with the safety production requirements of the legislation

The company regularly conducts safety risk assessment and management, strengthens the control system for the management of emergencies and raises awareness of the importance of safety measures among employees, to prevent all kinds of accidents.

Safety, our priority, is not negotiable, we want to keep to zero the accidents throughout the coming years.

We are involved in the community

We, the employees of Chimcomplex, want to live in a clean environment that we can pass on in good conditions to our children and grandchildren.

We want to create clean products using processes that do not affect nature. We want to make sure that every colleague works safely and gets home healthy after work.

We protect the environment for today and tomorrow

Chimcomplex is committed to investing in recovery and recycling by developing a mix of technology, moderate use and increased efficiency to conserve resources, both at the level of internal activities and our customers.

The consumption of natural resources is carefully monitored and we ensure that they are used efficiently and embedded in useful marketed products. We operate energy-efficient equipment. We also develop manufacturing processes that use the waste from other industrial processes (hydrochloric acid and trimming – scrap metal waste), with the fabrication of products with wide use, in various current fields (ferric chloride).