Board Committees

Four committees deal with specific issues to help the company’s Board of Directors to carry out its responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

The following are the current standing committees of the Board of Directors, with lists of members.

Members: Ștefan Vuza and Liviu Cojoc.

The purpose of the Integrity Committee is to fulfill an advisory role and to assist the Board, by making recommendations, in fulfilling its responsibilities for integrity at the Company level.

Members: Ștefan Vuza and Dumitru Coman

The main purpose of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee is:

  • draw up proposals on the structure and component of the Board of Directors following the shareholder structure, shareholder recommendations;
  • coordination of the development of procedures for the selection of candidates for the positions of administrators, directors;
  • involvement in the selection and recruitment process of directors
  • elaboration of the "Remuneration Policy" of administrators and directors to be submitted to the

Board of Directors;

  • monitoring of payroll expenses as well as company personnel structure;
  • assists the Council in the process of assessing the performance of managers.

Members: Ștefan Vuza, Petre Nicolescu and Veronica Preoteasa

The purpose of the Strategy, Development and Investment Committee is to:

  • coordinate the elaboration based on studies and analyses of the development and investment strategy of the company;
  • periodically analyse the state of implementation of these development strategies, investment projects and measures that have been taken to achieve the objectives set;