The largest high-efficiency cogeneration plant built in Romania in the last 11 years is to be put into use this summer on the Chimcomplex platform in Rm. Vâlcea.

The regeneration of the Chimcomplex industrial platform continues with an indispensable element – a new cogeneration plant, which we can pass on in good conditions to our children and grandchildren. This is another natural step for a new sustainable future for Chimcomplex.

A performing chemical platform needs a lot of expertise and energy. If we have everything we need on the expertise side, in terms of energy, we decided to build a cogeneration plant inside the platform to provide us with sustainable energy for all sections.

The first stage of the cogeneration plant in Rm. Vâlcea was completed in a record time of a year and a half, compared to the national average of 4 and a half years.

Two 2 x PGM130 gas turbine CHP units are already fully operational and integrated into the SEN with a capacity of 33 MW. This means 60% of what the entire platform needs today, but we plan to generate up to 85 MW by 2024, with the surplus energy being transferred to the city.

We are in the process of installing the third cogeneration group of 16.6 Mw, which will increase our energy capacity to a total of 49.6 MWh, which can be used by the entire Chimcomplex industrial platform.

✅ Technological and detail engineering has reached 100% progress.
✅ The provision of equipment has been successfully completed, reaching 100% progress!
✅ Regarding the construction-assembly works, we are close to the finish line, with approximately 96% progress.
✅ In short, the overall progress of the project is over 98%!

Our new cogeneration plant in Rm. Vâlcea will produce a sufficient amount of energy for the energy consumption of a population of over 500,000 inhabitants.
To give you a clearer idea, this energy consumption is comparable to the electricity needs of the cities of Rm Vâlcea, Buzău, Pitesti, Focșani and Slatina.

This new component of the system will not only secure our energy needs while reducing CO2 emissions by over 80,000 tonnes per year in the first stage, but will help us to be even more economically competitive in a market increasingly dynamic European. The high-efficiency cogeneration plant will also have an overall energy efficiency of over 90.5%.
High-efficiency energy ensures the competitiveness of products with high added value, in the category of polyols-polyethers.

This achievement would not have been possible without the efforts and expertise of the entire Chimcomplex team and our partners. We are proud of every member involved and want to thank them for their irreplaceable contribution!