Establishment of a new sustainable production unit

The establishment of a new sustainable production unit for epoxy resins based on epichlorohydrin synthesis Chimcomplex S.A Borzesti

About The Project

Chimcomplex has signed the financing agreement with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism for the development of the project through the State aid scheme granting investment grants for the processing industry established by Government Decision 959/2023.

The total investment value is 490,252,804 lei with VAT, and the allocated state aid value is 195,145,698 lei.

The production unit’s main objective is to ensure Romania’s complete independence from chemical imports by locally manufacturing epoxy resins. "Through this initiative, we aim to reduce resin and epichlorohydrin imports to zero, significantly contributing to our country’s security and autonomy in this field. The project will ensure the perspective of further development and integration of other manufacturing facilities and technological processes upstream and downstream, fitting perfectly into the integrated development strategies of the industrial platform in Onești. Additionally, it will facilitate the integration of green hydrogen and highly efficient energy produced in Onești," said Ștefan Vuza, President of Chimcomplex.

The proposed project for epoxy resin manufacturing aims for a circular approach with a portfolio of technologies covering all these specific aspects in a single technological chain. Starting from refining crude glycerin to produce high-quality glycerin, producing epichlorohydrin based on glycerin, and producing epoxy resins from epichlorohydrin and various chemicals will lead to a decrease in imports of chemical products valorized in Romania.

Through this investment, the company will contribute to reducing the EU’s dependence on chemicals imported from China, achieving a reduction of over 20,000 tons per year in resins and an additional 11,000 tons in epichlorohydrin.

“Obtained with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism”

Notices of intent