The project “Investing in innovative green technology to produce new environmentally friendly polyols at CHIMCOMPLEX” has been completed
10 mai 2024
Press Release – Chimcomplex Precautionary and Accelerated Development Measures Plan 10042024
11 aprilie 2024
Chimcomplex announces the commencement of a project to expand energy capacities at the A6 Dej platform.
23 februarie 2024
Chimcomplex is changing the rules in the labor market with three spectacular moves: Offers the highest salary increases in Romania, with the salary package increasing by 42%
31 ianuarie 2024
The completion of the project “Implementation of a High-Efficiency Cogeneration Plant with a capacity of up to 8 MWe at Chimcomplex S.A. Borzesti – Ramnicu Valcea Branch”
21 decembrie 2023
Chimcomplex press release changes in the executive management team 3110202
1 noiembrie 2023
Chimcomplex Announces Three Top Executives to Strengthen Management Team
12 septembrie 2023
Press Release Chimcomplex 1st Semester Financial Results
1 septembrie 2023
Chimcomplex press release 23082023
24 august 2023
Press Release Dividends Payment
10 iulie 2023
Press Release Chimcomplex 2022 Financial Results February 28 2023
28 februarie 2023
Chimcomplex becomes the financing partner of the SCM Ramnicu Valcea club
5 ianuarie 2023
Press Release Dividends Payment
14 decembrie 2022
Chimcomplex announces changes to the executive team and Mr. Stefan Vuza taking over the position of CEO
10 noiembrie 2022
Press release regarding the payment of interim dividends for the financial year 2022 and the procedure availability for the dividend’s payment.
5 octombrie 2022
Press Release 1st Semester Financial Results Chimcomplex August 17th 2022
17 august 2022
Chimcomplex announces the new structure of the Board of Directors, 01.08.2022
1 august 2022
Chimcomplex inaugurates the largest investment made with Romanian capital in the chemical industry, with a value of over 40 million euros
21 iulie 2022
Press release Amerocap vs Chimcomplex
7 iunie 2022
Chimcomplex announces the acquisition of Sistemplast S.A. Râmnicu Vâlcea
27 mai 2022
Chimcomplex will increase employees’ salaries by 24.5% starting with June
Chimcomplex Financial Results for the 1st quarter of 2022, 20.05.2022
20 mai 2022
Chimcomplex announces changes in the management team, the economic director, Mr. Adrian Dumitriu ends his mandate within the company
17 mai 2022
Chimcomplex is running the project “Investing in innovative green technology to produce new environmentally friendly polyols at Chimcomplex”
19 aprilie 2022
Chimcomplex Press Release March 14 2022
14 martie 2022
Chimcomplex Borzesti, the largest company on the AeRO market, moved to the Main Market under the stock ticker CRC
18 ianuarie 2022
Chimcomplex representatives statements BVB listing event.
17 ianuarie 2022
Chimcomplex announces synergies, optimizations, and integrations at the CRC Group level in the new strategic plan for 2021-2030
2 decembrie 2021
Chimcomplex awarded CET Govora assets
9 noiembrie 2021
Chimcomplex has concluded financing contracts of 56.7 million
1 octombrie 2021
Chimcomplex announces the transition of CEO Tivadar Runtag
16 septembrie 2021
Chimcomplex announces financial results for the first semester 2021
3 august 2021
Chimcomplex announces capital increase
14 aprilie 2021
Chimcomplex announces the appointment of a new executive management team
24 februarie 2020